For companies with files in different languages, formats and data sources willing to overcome information chaos

Flaps is for organizations that want to…

Automatically get insights from any file
Turn files into findable knowledge 
Reduce up to 80% of time wasted on searching
Turn videos into searchable knowledge

See Flaps in action!

"Flaps allows us to have total accessibility to our information. It transcribes our videos and audios, and detects all the important information in our documents. With Flaps, we can find exactly what we’re looking for without having to watch the entire video or read the entire document."

Built on top of existing systems like Drive and Dropbox
because we know that...

You’re a knowledge-intensive business, but your information organization is usually a mess.

Systems like Drive and Dropbox make finding individual documents cumbersome.

You and your team waste a lot of time looking for documents that were sent as attachments in emails.

Team members don’t always follow company policy when saving and filing information.

Information within businesses can be scattered across different data sources.

All the data out there has become unmanageable and a hindrance to businesses rather than a growth enabler.

The 3-step Flaps process

Starting to use Flaps is a seamless experience. The onboarding process is smooth and easy and doesn’t require any technical background. Add or sync your data and you’ll get knowledge from your files in almost no time at all.

Upload, add & sync data

Are you using a file management system?
Flaps works on top of your existing file system. Starting to use Flaps requires no background knowledge at all.

Do you usually lose email attachments?
Send an email to Flaps and have those attached documents indexed.

Losing the links your team shares?
Add a link to Flaps and all the content will be indexed and incorporated in your company’s shared knowledge base.

  Instant insights from files

Hard times finding what a document talks about?
Flaps automatically get names of people, locations, organizations, dates… from files.

Hard times on finding wherein a document is what you are looking for? 
Flaps split documents into paragraphs, so you can find exactly what you are looking for blazing fast.

Content in audio, video, or AutoCad? 
Flaps convert audios, videos, or AutoCads into text.

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Utilize knowledge. Find

Are the results from your file system not all that good?
The Flaps semantic engine searches by meaning and by keywords.

Not sure how to share information with customers to offer self-service customer service?
Use Flaps to create a source of truth. For teams and customers.

Too many internal information sources? Are you getting lost?
Flaps gets insights and figures out how the information is connected

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“Flaps reduces what was once very intense work searching for and analyzing information that could take 2 or 3 months to a truly manageable amount of time. Flaps allows researchers to focus more on the object and conclusions of their investigation. It’s a real shift in paradigm.”

Try yourself!

Let Flaps turn your files into knowledge!

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1- Upload a file

Upload a file.
It can be in any language! 

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2- Turn you file into knowledge

Once we get the file, Flaps will start extracting all knowledge from it. 

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3- Get the results

Once the process is over, you will get the results! 

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