Overcome the information chaos of your company.
Stop re-doing the same job again and again.
Sleep better.

Flaps is an insight engine for those who want to:

Boost productivity by reducing up to 50% the time employees waste on finding the information they need.
Re-use knowledge and let employees stop doing the same job again and again.
 Get insights from existing knowledge.
Help teams and customers find faster what they are looking for.
Speed up research & product development by getting knowledge insights.
Get cognitive intelligence and knowledge insights from files in Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive.


We know your pain…

You are a knowledge-intensive business, but your information system is far from being perfect.

Your team keeps re-doing and re-writing reports and projects. Doing the same job again and again without recycling the job previously done.

You have analyzed and tested tones of solutions for a better knowledge sharing and management but none of them have really worked.

On average, knowledge employees spend 36% of their working time, looking for information. Most of the time they don’t find what they are looking for.  

The systems for managing information, such as Drive or Dropbox, are too inflexible and your team keeps complaining about how difficult is to find things in it.

Employees do not always follow your company’s standards to store and classify information.

Information within businesses is scattered across different devices, apps, systems, different servers, and data sources.

It has become unmanageable and is causing data to become a hindrance to businesses, rather than an enabler for growth.

"Flaps helps us to unify the relevant information we have scattered and gives us a 360º view of the knowledge the organization knows. It helps us to find and discover information quickly. It's our knowledge engine."
Health Innovation Manager

The 3-step Flaps process

Add data

Integrate your company’s data sources. Add the folders or files where the important information is.

Extract information

By using Flaps’ cognitive intelligence, extract all relevant information from existing knowledge. Build an authentic insight engine.

Utilize knowledge

Use Flaps as a source of truth. Let your team and customers find the right answer blazing fast, even if they don’t know what they are looking for.

Use cases

Digital workplaces

Flaps dramatically reduces the time employees waste on searching internal knowledge. Thanks to AI and user intent detection, Flaps deliver the right results blazing fast and increases collaboration, productivity and insights.

Internal insight engine for better research

Companies use Flaps as an internal search engine to quickly access insights from the most relevant information they have. Flaps insight engine, enable internal search to be more personalized and accurate thanks to its cognitive intelligence capability. It reads and analyzes PDFs, AutoCads, audio files, etc..  

External Search

Flaps insight engine, enable companies to offer search capabilities to their users/customers. Specially indicated for content-heavy websites, e-commerce sites and social media sites where search is a critical functionality.

Knowledge insights

Flaps analyzes knowledge to provide the information the employees are looking for straight away. Using semantic search and extracting all named entities in the knowledge, Flaps give a 360 grades view of the unstructured data company owns.

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