AI knowledge integration and knowledge sharing platform for teams.

Flaps is a new kind of knowledge sharing platform, powered by artificial intelligence.  Flaps breaks data silos, integrates all the knowledge, and develops a shared truth to boost collaboration between marketing, sales and service operations.

Knowledge integration

Companies aligning all go-to-market departments outperform those that don’t 

Don't search. Find.
Boost your team productivity by reducing their searching time up to 50%

Knowledge employees spend, on average. 16% of their time looking for information. With Flaps knowledge integration, reduce up to 50% of their searching time. Improve productivity by offering a “source of truth” with semantic search.

Increase your customer satisfaction by answering their complex questions, faster

Know more and better your customer and their issues thanks to the automatic detection and extraction of name entities from people, products, companies, organizations, etc. With knowledge integration, Flaps helps companies discover what information and in what context within the company there is knowledge about customers

Help your team work smarter with a knowledge sharing tool

Flaps automatically connects and classifies the information the revenue operation teams need contained on a wide variety of document types an sources (e.g. docs, pdfs, images, chats, Zendesk, Sharepoint, Freshdesk, Dropbox or Drive). Thanks to AI and semantic search is Flaps is able to quickly respond to a user’s request for information on a specific topic, by reinventing how the information is found. See our list of integrations

Unique AI to benefit your business. Be less dependent on individual's knowledge.

Flaps unique AI pipeline allows  your company to build Artificial Intelligence that truly understands how your company works and will make your organization less dependent from individual’s knowledge.

How can our technology benefit you?

Semantic Search out of the box

Search by concept no by keyword. This makes easier to find exactly what users are lookin for. Saving time and helping discover knowledge.


Flaps intelligently knows how your business categories knowledge and issues resolution. Just type an issue and it will automaticlly suggest how it should be classified..


Flaps is language agnostic. By using our state in the art technology, you can asl Flaps using your own language and get as a result what you are looking for even if it is written in another language.

Integrate knowledge from videos and audios

Videos and audios may contain a lot of valuable knowledge for revenue operation teams. Flaps analyzes videos and audios and incorporates its knowledge to the share truth of the company.

Automatic "name entities" detection and extraction

Flaps automatically detects and extracts named entities: locations, people, name of products, etc.. Flaps can also be trained to detect your own specific name entities.

Incremental artificial intelligence

Flaps' artificial intelligence algorithms keep learning with new incoming knowledge. Information it is not static so neither our algorithms are.

No document duplications

Flaps detects and removes duplicated files. Our advanced techniques to optimize the platform will help you not to duplicate efforts.

Integrate knowlege from URLs

Flaps can easily incorporate to the common knowledge base relevant information form external URLs: form technical reviews, product descriptions, etc..