Meet Plone CMS

Meet Plone CMS – Podcast Transcription: Welcome to the Open Source CMS series, a 15-minute conversation with lead developers from the greatest Open source communities. We will talk with them about how they see the future of their software and … Read More

The (re)evolution is here

Eudald Camprubí CEO at Flaps   Today, we are classifying knowledge as we did in 1800: the same structure but with different formats and supports. At the time when knowledge went from being stored only in our heads to being … Read More

News: Flaps API cierra una ronda pre-seed de €400.000 liderada por el grupo Elaia

Flaps API ( cierra una ronda “pre-seed”, liderada por el fondo Deeptech de referencia en Europa, Elaia, con el objetivo de transformar la forma en que las empresas acceden a su conocimiento. Flaps es la primera inversión que el Elaia … Read More