Flaps, the insight engine for your company's Drive.

Flaps help your company to overcome Drive’ information chaos. It transforms your Google Drive into an insight engine and extracts real knowledge from your files.

How can Flaps empower your Google Drive

Get insights from your Google Drive files

Automatic “NER” (named entity recognition) from your Drive’s files

Flaps automatically detects and extracts named entities: locations, people, name of products, etc from Google Drive flies. Flaps can also be trained to detect your own specific name entities.

>> See wow can your business benefit from NER

Semantic Search out of the box

Search by concept no by keyword. This makes easier to users to find what you are looking for, saving time and helping discover new content. Empower your Google Drive with semantic search.


Flaps intelligently know how your business categories knowledge based on how you classify files in Google Drive. Just type an issue and it will automatically suggest how it should be classified. Add a new file directly in Flaps or in Google Drive and it will auto-classify it.

Incremental artificial intelligence

Flaps’ artificial intelligence algorithms keep learning with new incoming knowledge. Information it is not static so neither our algorithms are.

In Drive finding individual documents can be cumbersome since all users are tied to the names originally given to files.
 Search within PDF documents is sometimes impossible.
Quite often, shared Drive gets chaotic.

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