Flaps is a SaaS (software as a service) product. We host it and make sure the service is always available and accessible. To access Flaps, you can either:

– Use your own domain, ex: flaps.yourcompany.com
– Use our domain, ex: yourcompanyname.flaps.io

Flaps can also be deployed on-premise.

Absolutely. We take security very seriously. We develop our software using the highest security standards. All data is backed up and encrypted. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information about security.

Flaps price is based on 3 different tiers: 

  • Basic
  • Professional
  • Premium

The prices of the tiers are different and are based on number of users,  information processed and origin from that information. To be able to offer you the tier you need, please contact us. 

We integrate with most popular productivity applications, such as Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. Thanks to our API you can also integrate any data source to Flaps. For more reference please contact us.

Almost any type of file.
Right now we process and analyze:
– Documents (.doc, .docx, CSV, PDF, PowerPoint…)
– Images (jpg, png, …)
– Audios (mp3)
– Videos (mp4, videos from YouTube and Vimeo)
– AutoCad
– URLs
– Attachments from emails

Yes, we do 🙂

No, we are not a big data platform. 

We are a complex data platform.

We aim to be the central knowledge point for relevant information inside companies. We don’t want to index “noisy files” and non-relevant information. 

– We transcribe the video into text (speech to text).
– From the text we extract name entities (names, names of organizations, dates…)
– We OCR the images of the video. We index the content of the OCR.
– We detect the objects in the video and we index the objects.

To get the transcription of a Youtube video is as easy as copy&paste the URL of the video into Flaps. 
Flaps then, get the transcription of the video and automatically extracts all the important information from the text. 


To get the transcription of a Vimeo video, you will have to have a Vimeo paid account. Then, thanks to our Vimeo integration you will be able to select the video you want to transcribe and Flaps will transcribe and extract all the important information from the text.

Flaps detect more than 15 different types of name entities such: 

Name of people. Ex: Barack Obama, Leo Messi…
Locations. Ex: China, Barcelona, Europe…
Name of buildings. Ex: Empire Sate, Sagrada Família…
Emails. Ex: info@flaps.io
Quantities: 10.000, 34€, $ 45…
Dates: 10-10-2022, 1st of January…
Organizations. Ex: WhatsApp, Facebook, Google…

Flaps understand +100 languages.

Each account in Flaps has an email address where you can send an email and we index all the content in it, including attached files. 

Starting to use Flaps is really easy and fast. In less than 1 hour you can find yourself checking all Flaps’ potential with your own information. 

It is important to understand that if you upload really big files to the platform it could take a bit longer.

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