Flaps is a SaaS product. We host it and make sure the service is always available. To access your Flaps, you can either: 

  1. Use your own domain, ex: flaps.yourcompany.com
  2. Use our domain, ex: yourcompanyname.flaps.io

Absolutely. We take security very seriously. We develop our software using the highest security standards. All data is backed up and encrypted. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information about security. 

No way!

Zendesk or other ticketing platforms are great and have tons of great features. 

In fact, Flaps is the perfect complement for any existing ticketing systems or customer support software. Flaps is the way to centralize your valuable knowledge, wherever it comes from,  to then generate intelligence from it, boosting your team productivity and customer service and support.


Flaps.io, automatically connects and classifies an organisation’s knowledge base, contained on a wide variety of document types (e.g. docs, pdfs, images, chats) and is able to quickly respond to a user’s request for information on a specific topic, by reinventing how the information is found.

We integrate with most popular productivity applications. For more reference please contact us. 

With our integrations you will have 100% control of the information you add to Flaps.io. We do not continually synchronize your data sources with Flaps.io

We have a vast experience in creating data sources integrations. 

So far, we’ve seen that keep syncing files and data source have several problems: 

  • Third parties API changes a lot and this is too often a source of problems.
  • A lot of non-valuable files are synced and that creates a lot of noise in the knowledge
  • The cost of processing all these junky files is extremely expensive. We want to be extremely cost efficient.

We want to make sure that Flaps.io is the place where you, your team or your customers can find relevant information.

To make sure that the relevant information is there, there is no better way than to ask humans to push the information. This is the way you can guarantee a really high knowledge quality.

Any kind of files. From .docs to pdf, or URLs. Everything will be indexed, processed, auto-classified  and ready to be found in no time. 

Yes, we do 🙂

Would you like to know more?

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