Flaps, a short name with huge features.

Flaps, combines artificial intelligence technologies, natural language processing, natural language understanding and text analytics to provide richer indexes from multiple sources, understand more complex queries and deliver insights, interactively and immediately, identifying relevant and contextualized information.

Main features

Semantic Search out of the box

Search by concept no by keyword. This makes easier to find exactly what users are lookin for. Saving time and helping discover knowledge.


Automatic "NER" (named entity recognition)

Flaps automatically detects and extracts named entities: locations, people, name of products, etc.. Flaps can also be trained to detect your own specific name entities.
>> See wow can your business benefit from NER

From email attachment to Flaps

Send an email to Flaps with attached documents and make sure they will always be available and indexed. Stop losing time looking for email attachments. h

Add content from external links

Add to Flaps content from articles, blogs, or external portals and add all that external information to your internal knowledgfe.


Flaps intelligently knows how your business categories knowledge and issues resolution. Just type an issue and it will automaticlly suggest how it should be classified..


Flaps is language agnostic. By using our state in the art technology, you can asl Flaps using your own language and get as a result what you are looking for even if it is written in another language.

Integrate knowledge from videos and audios

Videos and audios may contain a lot of valuable knowledge for revenue operation teams. Flaps analyzes videos and audios and incorporates its knowledge to the share truth of the company.

Incremental artificial intelligence

Flaps' artificial intelligence algorithms keep learning with new incoming knowledge. Information it is not static so neither our algorithms are.

No document duplications

Flaps detects and removes duplicated files. Our advanced techniques to optimize the platform will help you not to duplicate efforts.

Integrate knowlege from URLs

Flaps can easily incorporate to the common knowledge base relevant information form external URLs: form technical reviews, product descriptions, etc..

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