Flaps, bringing together Revenue Opearations knowledge

Unify the knowledge that fuel your revenue engine.

Develop a shared truth and encourage collaboration between your customer service, product and marketing departments to achieve revenue goals. Make AI work for you and break data silos.

Companies aligning all go-to-market departments outperform those that don’t 

AI Knowlege integration and semantic search for revenue operation teams

Flaps.io automatically connects and classifies the information the revenue operation teams need contained on a wide variety of document types an sources (e.g. docs, pdfs, images, chats, Zendesk, Sharepoint, Freshdesk, Dropbox or Drive) and is able to quickly respond to a user’s request for information on a specific topic, by reinventing how the information is found. See our list of integrations

Know you customers better, faster and easier

Know more and better your customer and their issues thanks to the automatic detection and extraction of names of people, products, companies, organizations, etc. Flaps.io helps companies discover what information and in what context within the company there is knowledge about customers.

Don't search. Find. Up to 70% of searching time reduction

Improve dramaticly the productivity of you revenue operations teams by offering them a source of truth using semantic search. With Flaps.io reduce up to 70% of your searching time.

IT department not needed

Flaps.io seamlessly integrates with leading customer service  and productivity tools. There is no need from IT departments to be in charged in Flaps.io adoption process. 

Discover the our features

fall in love with our features

Fast adoption & onboarding

Compared to other platforms, start getting amazing results with Flaps.io is fast and does not require a lot of data. Get real value form Flaps.io AI in no time.


Keep your information public or private. Just for internal use or open for your customers. Data in Flaps.io is secured and encrypted with the highest encryption protocols.

No expensive syncing process

APIs connections are usually a nightmare. Flaps.io only gets the information you consider as relevant.

Smart graph

See how knowledge is connected to other knowledge in a visual way. See it’s common points and discover new insights and recommendations on your own knowledge.

Incremental artificial intelligence

Flaps.io’s artificial intelligence algorithms keep learning with new incoming knowledge. Information it is not static so neither our algorithms are.

No document duplications

Flaps.io detects and removes duplicated files. Our advanced techniques to optimize the platform will help you not to duplicate efforts.

Awards and recognitions:

Selected to join Google Cloud for Startups program

Selected to join Telefonica Open Future

Winner of PC Componentes Startup Booster

PC Componentes Startup Booster Flaps.io

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