Flaps.io for customer support

Flaps.io for customer support

Flaps.io, the AI knowledge integration platform, is the fastest path for your team and customer support department, to get an answer from a complex question..

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For a better customer service and team productivity

With Flaps.io, help studets to get faster answers and let teachers focus on students by offering a tool able to answer questions that have been already answered before.

Customer support platform to increase your customer satisfaction index
Flaps.io can be easily integrated with any LMS. Keep using your existing learning platform and just let Flaps.io be a part of your team.

Real team knowledge sharing

Improve your LMS efficiency by providing new insights and recommendations based on relevant and curated knowledge, even if it comes from external web sources.
Let students discover the power of connecting knowledge and see how this can change your education center culture.

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Fast adoption & onboarding

Compared to other platforms, start getting amazing results with Flaps.io is fast and does not require a lot of data. Get real value form Flaps.io AI in no time.


Keep your information public or private. Just for internal use or open for your customers. Data in Flaps.io is secured and encrypted with the highest encryption protocols.

No expensive syncing process

APIs connections are usually a nightmare. Flaps.io only gets the information you consider as relevant.

Smart graph

See how knowledge is connected to other knowledge in a visual way. See it’s common points and discover new insights and recommendations on your own knowledge.

Incremental artificial intelligence

Flaps.io’s artificial intelligence algorithms keep learning with new incoming knowledge. Information it is not static so neither our algorithms are.

No document duplications

Flaps.io detects and removes duplicated files. Our advanced techniques to optimize the platform will help you not to duplicate efforts.

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