Increase productivity, reduce dependency

Recycle what you already know to make your projects more profitable

Recycle what you already know to make your projects more profitable

Flaps enables you to uncover information that is similar to what is already available within your company thanks to its ability to understand what users are looking for. It helps your team uncover information about similar projects and allows them to write proposals more quickly and efficiently. Recycle the knowledge you already have.

It integrates information, creating a veritable source of truth

Nowadays, the information we need for work is in many different data sources. Flaps allows you to connect them so you can find the information, no matter where you are.

With Flaps, not only will you find the document, you’ll find the paragraphs

Flaps divides all files into paragraphs. Thanks to this extraordinary feature, the search results aren’t just files alone, but also the specific paragraphs within the documents that answer your information needs. Thanks to Flaps, research and development teams save hundreds of hours reading and analyzing documents.

Be less dependent on your key workers

Flaps algorithms enable you to be aware of everything your company knows, thus helping you become less dependent on certain key workers who could put your business in danger if they leave the company.

Semantic and multi-language search

Flaps analyzes and indexes information regardless of the language. It allows you to build a real knowledge engine that works with almost any language, thus enriching results in an extraordinary way. In addition, Flaps makes it possible for users to search using their own language and provides search results even if they are in a different language.
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