Marketing resarch

Have your market research team share and access market reports like never before

Let your team access a knowledge engine capable of extracting key information from documents and files, drastically reducing the hours spent devoting to analyzing, accessing, and classifying information.

A new way of accessing knowledge to encourage market research and business development

Thanks to artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Flaps enables you to transform files into knowledge. It makes it possible for you to understand the interrelationships between files, thus supporting research and access to information. Flaps allows you to find what isn’t clear at a quick glance within unstructured information.

Semantic and multi-language search

Flaps analyzes and indexes information regardless of the language, thus allowing the construction of a real knowledge engine that enriches results in an extraordinary way. In addition, Flaps makes it possible for users to search using their own language and provides search results even if they are in a different language.

It integrates your department’s knowledge with all global knowledge

Not only does Flaps allow access to the internal knowledge within a department or company no matter where you are, it also allows you to incorporate external knowledge sources: from marketing report packages to any other type of information. And all searchable from a single point.

With Flaps, not only will you find the document, you’ll find the paragraphs

Flaps divides all files into paragraphs. Thanks to this extraordinary feature, the search results aren’t just files alone, but also the specific paragraphs within the documents that answer your information search needs. Thanks to Flaps, research and development teams save hundreds of hours reading and analyzing documents.
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