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Reports, videos, audios, emails, PPT … In this “chaos” of data, automatically detects names of people, companies, dates, times, organizations, etc.., and even in which paragraph is located the information you are looking for. 

Published by magazine D+I on February the 3th 2021. 
Source: D+I

How much time did you waste the last time you searched for the information you needed, but didn’t remember in to what  document, folder or data source it was? “Chaos” tends to take hold of many workers in knowledge-based companies when it comes to storing and preserving information and documentation in the digital age.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms, the Barcelonian startup Flaps,  has developed a software capable not only of accessing unstructured data (texts, images, videos and even audios), but also analyzing it. 

It is called an “insight engine”.

Regardless of the language of the file, Flaps is able to detect names of people, organizations, dates, locations, addresses, names of buildings, legal clauses … “All this information, in addition, is divided into paragraphs, audios and videos are converted to text ”, details to D+I Eudald Camprubí, co-founder and CEO at Flaps.

When users log in to Flaps, all they have to do is search for the information they need, and the result is “the specific paragraph or minute of a video that contains the information the user wants, without having to read it all“. – Camprubí said –  In other words, it locates not only the documents where this information is located, but the paragraphs in which it is found.

In addition, Flaps does optical character recognition (OCR) to index the text that is displayed in multimedia content (images and even videos). In short, it finds information even if it is in different formats, areas or data sources from the company, whether it is in Google Drive, on the mail server (including attachments), YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or in other systems like local folders.  

Self-learning algorithms

Flaps also allows businesses to sync a specific data source from nside the organization thanks to its API. In this regard, Camprubí makes clear that Flaps does not offer any integration with chat-type services such as Slack or WhatsApp  “because of the noise they generate when searching for relevant information “.

Intranets or file-sharing systems aren’t anymore a good solution for knowledge management. Those systems are no longer useful because people “get lost”. The only possible evolution for these systems are solutions like Flaps, that will let those existing platforms to get more performance from information, by analysing and indexing key information.

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