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Add or Invite users to a Knowledge Box

To add or invite users to a knowledge Box (KB):

Only “admin” users can add other users to a KB.

To add users to a KB:
– Click on the left menu and select the option “Users”.
– In the search box write the email from the user you would like to invite/add.
– Select the role you would like to add to the user.
– The user you invited will receive an email.


Users and roles:

– Admin:
Admins are users able to access to all the options in an account:
Create different Knowledge Boxes
Add or delete users to a specific Knowledge Box
Access all the Knowledge Boxes from a billing account.
Create/Edit/Delete tags
Connect data sources
Upload information
Delete information
Edit content

– Contributors:
Upload information to the Knowledge Box they have access to.
Delete information from the Knowledge Box they have access to.
Find information
Edit content

– Members
Find information

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