Knowledge integration platform for e-learning for on-line education

Online education is experiencing an extraordinary growth. Thousands of students, with the same difficulties, ask the same questions to their teachers. allows students to immediately find the answer they are looking for and frees teachers so they can focus more in teaching.

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Dramatically reduce the number of student questions needing teacher interventions

With, help studets to get faster answers and let teachers focus on students by offering a tool able to answer questions that have been already answered before.

Integration with your LMS can be easily integrated with any LMS. Keep using your existing learning platform and just let be a part of your team.

Real team knowledge sharing for students and teachers

Improve your LMS efficiency by providing new insights and recommendations based on relevant and curated knowledge, even if it comes from external web sources.
Let students discover the power of connecting knowledge and see how this can change your education center culture.

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