How to build an internal knowledge base

How to build an internal knowledge base

Many businesses implement a knowledge base for their customers or clients. What a lot of companies don’t realize is that a knowledge base can come in just as handy for improving their internal operations.

Main benefits of building and internal Knowledge Base for your business

– Centralized information.
Almost everything your team needs will be in one convenient location.

– Lower on-boarding costs and training time.
Having newcomers get up to speed on their role by reading your documentation can save both time and money when training.

– Quicker workflows.
Having an organized hub for your procedures and practices can halt any wasted time spent searching for documents.
Ultimately, an internal knowledge base can help streamline your communications, and save time by helping to fast-track employees during training – a clear win-win!


How to start how to start building your internal knowledge base?

– Put together the important information spread in different data sources.
Knowledge is everywhere: in an email, in a PDF manual, in a Powerpoint presentation or in an excel sheet. Maybe it is in a Sharepoint or in a Dropbox.
The best way to start building a good internal knowledge base is to connect all your data sources and create a single source of truth.

– Use AI to benefit your company
Use technology and artificial intelligence to make your team better. Use natural language processing and other techniques to offer to users the best results and make their productivity greater.

– Don’t build a search engine, build an “answer engine”
Search is starting to be an old school concept. Users want answers, they want to find fast, what they are looking for. So, why would you want to build a “search engine across data sources”? It really makes no sense. Instead of that, it is important to build an answer engine able to answer users’ questions. Able to understand the intent of the users and provide them with the right information straight away.

If you need to build an internal knowledge base, based on connecting all your data sources to the build an “answer engine” for your company, Flaps could be the solution you’re looking for.

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